October 26, 2013

New Music Night 12 DJ Sets | River Gods | 24/25 Oct.

New Music Night 12, River Gods, Cambridge, Oct. 24/25, 2013

Happy Saturday, rock fans. Here are the songs what we played whilst manning the figurative decks Thursday night and into Friday morning in the booth at the fabulous River Gods in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sure, the game didn't go the way anybody wanted it to (well, except for that bastard Earley), but a nice time was had by all and we're grateful for all the friendly faces that came out, even some who rolled in from Fenway after the game wrapped. We all laughed and cried and cheered and booed and all the while Mr. 'Nac and I spun the new sounds for the people. So here's what we played, with a caveat that our memory of how we re-ordered the midnight set to accommodate an early last-call is a little shifty. But we're pretty sure this is right. If you have any questions or want to know more about the songs below, hit us on Twitter or drop a comment. We may or may not do Spotify playlists of these sets in the coming days and post links here; watch this space. Also, please click over to Bradley's Almanac and check out Brad's playlists for the 9PM and 11PM hours, which are already online, because Brad is cool like dat. #NewMusicNight 13 is already booked, it'll be next month, on Nov. 21, same bat time, same bat channel. Ready for more new? Yeah you are.

Set 2 / 10PM / Jay
1. Los Campesinos! -- "Avocado, Baby" -- No Blues
[stream / buy / album review pending]
2. The Wolfhounds -- "Divide And Fall" -- single
[blogged / buy / stream]
3. The Weaks -- "Nietzsche's Harvest Song" -- The World Is A Terrible Place & I Hate Myself And Want To Die
[download / buy]
4. The Frost Heaves -- "20/20" -- We Have Killed The Sunset EP
[stream / download]
5. Shark? -- "Wither" -- Savior
[stream / buy]
6. Slowdim -- "Wishing Well (Mandolin version)" -- Single
[blogged / download]
7. Kardashians -- "Being Vegan Is Terribly Difficult"
[unannounced thing (we think?) by people you know (we think?). -- Ed.]
8. 2 Ton Bug -- "Haunted Lawn" -- It's A Wonderful Life
[free download]
9. You're Jovian -- "Revelations" -- single
[forthcoming single, under-rated band. -- Ed.]
10. Beach Volleyball -- "First Floor" -- single
[blogged / download / buy]
11. Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam -- "Infant Eyes" -- Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam
[blogged / download]
12. Dios Mio -- "Tough Crowd" -- single
[very, very highly recommended -- Ed. / download]
13. Tapedeck Mountain -- "Half Life" -- Sway
[stream / buy]
14. Springtime -- "Great Cop (Fugazi cover)" -- South Hill
[stream / buy]
15. The Snowy Owls -- "Next Summer" -- Summer EP
[blogged / download]
16. Radstewart -- "Arabesque Bedouin" -- Alcopop! 6 Road Bike (!!!) compilation
[stream / buy this crazy, beautiful, goddamn thing]
17. Soft Focus -- "POG" -- Day EP

Set 4 / 12AM / Jay

1. Dowsing -- "If I Fall Asleep The Cats Will Find Me" -- I Don't Even Care Anymore
[stream / buy]
2. Min Diesel -- "Mother" -- Cool Your Jets 001 split single
[blogged / buy]
3. Pinact -- "I Don't Think You'll Ever Know" -- Cool Your Jets 001 split single
[blogged / buy]
4. Julius Earthling -- "Brad's Weed" -- Far EP
[blogged / stream the EP title track]
5. You're Jovian -- "French Love Bangers" -- single
[forthcoming single, under-rated band. -- Ed.]
6. Great Hare -- "Like Flowers" -- Like Flowers
[second single from Swedish indie rockers' LP due in 2014 -- Ed. / stream / download]
7. Winter Wedding Party -- "Lying On The Grass" -- Winter Wedding Party
[blogged / stream]
8. The Superman Revenge Squad Band -- "Lately I've Found Myself Regressing" -- There Is Nothing More Frightening Than The Passing Of Time
[blogged / stream / buy]
9. Joey Fourr -- "Panspermia B.C"
10. Ancient Babes -- "Malcolm X In The Middle" -- Single
11. Acaradoux -- "Chill"
12. Heyward Howkins -- "Nogales" -- Be Frank, Furness
[stream / buy / album review forthcoming]

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