January 25, 2004

"Everybody dressin' funny color me impressed."- the replacements

For being sick throughout the high times were plentiful on the old birthday. Much of the day was spent messing around with the IPod Lopez got me, which totally rocks. I guess I actually spent more time playing with ITunes, which H-Dawg and I both agree is pretty awesome for just randomly spinning through your music collection once you get a good amount of stuff ripped to your hard drive. I spose it is sort of instructive what one chooses first to rip to their ITunes library, so here are my first ten discs to go in:

1. Haywood - Model for a Monument
2. Haywood - Men Called Him Mister
3. Haywood - We Are Amateurs, You and I
4. Lilys - A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns
5. The Notwist - Neon Golden
6. Palace Music - Lost Blues and Other Songs
7. Radiohead - Kid A
8. The Replacements - Hootenanny
9. The Replacements - Let It Be
10. The Replacements - Stink

I guess the instructive part here is that really, for me, The Replacements, Haywood and the Lilys are where it's at. As of now I've got 421 songs representing 24 hours of music inside the ITunes machine. Though once you hit 24 hours in the application they call it "one day," just to rub in the fact that, yes Virginia, you are a music nerd. Sue me. Had about a baker's half-dozen guzzling wine in the kitchen last night and eating lopsided chocolate cake, which is pretty much as good as a birthday can get. Not a whole lot else to report just yet, except that the apartment continues to lose the heating battle to Old Man Winter. For now we are holding steady at about 62 degrees of the fahrenheit variety. I am hoping we can gain back some ground this afternoon while the sun is up.

That is all.

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