January 21, 2004

"Slow, slow, slow, so slow." - wendyfix

A few items withstanding (like 1. losing our power as we were packing for the trip 2. the dread of being at the resort when two people almost drowned 3. a ninety-minute delay on the return trip 4. not having any power upon our return), last week in Tortola for Woody and Ryan's wedding was amazingly enjoyable. Here are some highlights: stayed here, where the wedding was also held right on the beach at sunset; got drunk a couple times here, which has an amazing view off the back porch; i drank a lot of this and a little of this; ate brunch here and at a place mentioned here; rocked a lot of the calypso and dancehall on the AM waves here. And the list goes on and on, partying every night, chilling on the beach all day. Really fun. I imagine Grellan will eventually have some pictures up at Dynatrite.

The Good Doctor has updated Your Record Sucks and there are couple Winston Bongo write-ups for your reading pleasure. And there is some stuff over at JunkMedia worth your attention. Namely Brig-dog's Neal Pollack feature and a capsule review for the Chris Brokaw solo record I wrote recently. I also found the Broken Social Scene feature at SplendidEZine particularly enjoyable.

It seems like I had a whole lot to blogmogrify about here this evening, but it has all pretty much slipped my mind. Perhaps it will come back to me. That is all.

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