January 6, 2004

"Hollywood cops shoot each other in bed."- Replacements

So it did indeed change everything.Tho I spose the hairsplitters out there might pipe up and say it was actually the *wireless* broadband that arrived and changed everything. Yes, because of the technical acumen of the man they don't call Logie, I can now sit and blog from the pink chair in the general vicinity of my wife and the TV, all the while sampling playlists for the acoustic rock mix H-Dawg from Accounts Receivable and I discussed just prior to Christmas. I am doing the latter with Rhapsody, which, unfortunately, doesn't have all the indie cuts I will eventually include. But it has about 10 that were on my short list. Damn good songs those 10.

With Rhapsody and broadband I am trying to do such ridiculous things as listen to EVERY SINGLE Neil Young record in order of release. This is the kind of shit it lets you do. And don't even mention the GBV box set. That is a whole week's work right there.

We head off to Tortola for the Posse-Perkins nuptials next week. And none too soon as the cold stuff is coming. Right now my ankles are cold. That's not right. In fact, it's wrong. Anyway, it is kind of hard to get back in the swing of things at work what with only being back for this week before trotting off. So I guess I won't try. Besides, I need to think about which CDs I want to bring with me in the small econo case.

Junkmedia went back online this week. Go check it out. A couple of my capsule reviews are slated to run later this month. Ditto for Your Record Sucks, where I write under the Norm Day Ploom of Winston Bongo, protagonist of my number one favorite book, Daniel Pinkwater's "The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death."

Anyhoo, I think this is worthy of your attention. Clever and obvious at the same time, but well-written over all.

That is all.

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