March 21, 2004

"Don't go, say you'll stay, spend a lazy Sunday." - Stars

I'm a sucker for the indie pop love song, seemingly even more so as I get older, and the latest fixation is by Stars, which is fronted, I beleive, by a woman somehow related to the Broken Social Scene collective. I found the song on some blog somewhere, so you may be able to turn it up.

Anyhoo, today we bid adieu to J.J. Jackson, who, as one of the five original MTV VJs, played an integral role in my development as a youth. This article also proves that Mark Goodman, once a radio DJ in Philly, is still kind of a whore for attention. But at least his hair isn't as bad as Adam Curry's. Who, from what I recall, architected MTV's original online presence. Or something. Anyway, the last time I heard Mr. Jackson I was driving to the Nantucket ferry in the last couple years. He was hosting a Beatles radio show, and played the song "Blue Jay Way," which has since become a favorite of mine because of the play on the words "be long."

Last week Mystical Beast told me something I don't think I ever knew about Happy Flowers: that James from YLT and Dump was a one-time collaborator. I have had this artwork sitting in a file in my house for about 10 years; maybe one day I will actually get around to framing it. Anyhoo, Happy Flowers was one of the first underground records me and Woods discovered back in the day, probably courtesy of the great Joe McInally. In college, we played the cut "Unhappy Meal" on the radio. A lot.

Finally, I think this is worth comment. I stopped listening to Stern when I went to Wes 'cause, you know, he was just too Un-PC. But I did appreciate his humour at times, and Stern got me and Two-Can and Joe Bags and Big Dave through two summers' worth of hot work for the township. But I finally gave up on Stern once and for all when I thought he got too lazy to impress upon people that he is being ironic, not a bigot, when he makes all of his racist, sexist, ist-ist wisecracks. The majority of his listeners don't seem to know better. I know there are plenty who disagree with me, and I am too lazy to make any sort of firm argument. Back to the point: If Stern mutated his show into a valuable liberal political vehicle, I would be very, very, very happy. Not just so that there would be more meaningful (hopefully) mainstream political discourse. But because I think Stern is smart enough to foster such a thing on the air. But instead just talks tits and ass for four hours a day.

NCAA tournament is pretty exciting this year. I think 30 Magazine St. #1's pool hopes rest solely on Kansas getting to the Final Four at this point. Let's keep our fingaz x'd. Keep your eyes open for the latest Winston Bongo tirade at YRS, tambien.

That is all.

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