March 15, 2004

"Would it be all that bad to forget about my favorite thing." - velocity girl

A lot of people dying in the rock and roll world. And yet somehow Ronnie Wood keeps chugging along. But let's accentuate the positive: vegetable oil, dude.

More snow coming. That totally blows. Gave a hunk of money to our realtor and signed the agreement of purchase and sale this afternoon. This condo thing is coming along.

I am now on the hunt for this, since Kemp Harris got Lopez all jazzed on it when we were all out drinking our heads off Friday night. Not really my cup of tea, but Lopez goes through a big disco phase every once in a while that is pretty fun. On the other hand, I have been trying to find a used copy of this in stores for months, with no luck. I might finally break down and pay what they are asking online after this house thing is all done. It is one of my favorite indie records from the day, now out of print.

Adam Oh of Roll Over Baby fame is booking the room below the Can Tab. Easing into a big opening in the fall. We batted around a lot of exciting ideas for it as we downed suds Friday. I think my head still kind of hurts.

Saw what turned out to be an amazing Bruins game Saturday afternoon with the Good Doctor. While all the yelling didn't do much for my head, the Bs ended up getting lucky and getting back into the game and won it with :04 left on the clock in overtime. We had an excellent vantage point for the whole thing, as Doobs scored A #1 tickets through work. Hot stuff.

My ITunes vitals to date: 3,021 songs ripped; 7.9 days of music; 13 gigs of data. Currently spinning "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction. Not the version I prefer, which is the live cut from the act's amazing debut on XXX Records, but the styled-out version from the band's Nothing's Shocking effort. The former record stomps the gonads of the latter record in a lot of ways, not the least of which is the nihilistic, tribal assault of "Chip Away," which closes the set. In other news, Double Nickels on the Dime just keeps giving.

That is all.

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