March 6, 2004

"King of the road says you move too slow." - Fu Manchu

This week's holy crap moment comes from The Monkey, who reports that uber guitarist Nels Cline is the latest addition to the Wilco line-up. More information here and here. This is probably the most musically exciting thing to happen since... well, for a while. Nels Cline's "Bath" is probably my favorite jazz song ever. EVER. So there you go.

Currently listening to a Clash bootleg of rarities my old AOL buddy Liza hooked me up with. While her copy was called "The Ultimate Rarities," it is the same thing as what I presume to be more widely known 2002 European boot called "Street Rats." More info here. The sound quality is pretty decent, just a little quiet and fuzzy. A lot of interesting stuff here.

Not a lot more to report. It's been a quiet weekend. Worked on the taxes, getting in the planning stages of packing up our stuff so we can head down the road in about a month. Got a lot more CDs ripped. Currently, I've got 2,568 songs ripped constitute 11.24 gigs or 6.9 days of listening.

The MP3 blogs keep on giving, and this month's music development series mix CD promises to be pretty compelling, in my humble opinion. As my new music purchases are on hold for a while, blogs like Bubblegum Machine and Large-Hearted Boy are really picking up the slack of exposing me to new and cool things. And I keep following threads and finding more new cool stuff everyday. There is a lot of great live stuff here, including a super Blonde Redhead show (can't wait to get their new record), though the dowloads are painfully slow. In short, the Internet rocks.

Here is a little more on Wal-Mart. Those guyses whole head sucks.

That is all.

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