February 29, 2004

"Well it's not jazz when you play it like that." - Karl Hendricks Trio

Well, holy crap, Lopez and I signed an agreement to buy a condo yesterday, approximately six hours after seeing the joint with our realtor. We'd seen the property a week ago, and figured it would be gone by the time we had our act together. But sellin' people wanna sell, and we were ushered quickly into the process and I'd say we are pretty darn excited. The place is about eight blocks away, about the same size as we have now, and has a parking space. Come the middle or end of April we will probably be getting in there, and between now and then we have a lot of technical crap to take care of. So there.

Saw the Gaugin show at the MFA yesterday with H-Dawg from Accounts Receivable and Cardini. I spent a lot of time looking at the paintings, not having ever really studied his work. And after deciding I could make nothing of it with all of the tools my liberal arts education has given me, I was gratified to receive affirmation from H-Dawg (whose painting and grasp of the art I hold in some esteem) that in fact, "Yeah, it's just shit." So there you go. Not a bad exhibit on the whole as far as big budget wall-decorating sessions go, but you could save yourself some dough and blow your mind open wider by taking in the current student exhibition. Just sayin.'

P.S. today is Leap Day. Since I only get to point that out once every four years, I thought I'd make a point of pointing.

I traded in a stack of comped freebie records and some other destined to be cast off goods this afternoon and bought myself the first Beatles Anthology set and Archer Prewitt's Three, so perhaps I will have something to say about that, as well as the two Tubeway Army discs that H$ gave me, later this week.

That is all.

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