February 19, 2004

"Don't you remember their faces angry on the screen."- Rob V

Judy's obituary ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer today. Check it out. Not as detailed as others have been, but it is nice she received the recognition.

Still ripping the tapes, today dug out some one-sorta-hit-type stuff from the 90s from the likes of Wonderstuff, Northside, Evan Dando, Primitive Painters, Jeff Stern and Nirvana's oh-so-good "Even in his Youth," which smartypantses may know was available on the Australian tour support EP from January 92 called "Hormoaning." Perhaps exclusively? I guess the EP was also released in Japan, but I don't remember seeing the song anywhere else. If it wasn't for Villanova University's WXVU being a good college radio station in the very early 90s, I probably would never have heard it.

Speaking of Australia, Pilot To Gunner is currently touring there to support the release of their new record Get Saved. I listened to samples at Amazon and wasn't bowled over, but I'd like to buy it (or get comped yowza) to hear the whole enchilada. PTG flat out rocks.

In other news, BrigDawg has set up a rudimentary site for his (C)rock Stories series. The latest tale of drunken debauchery in the American South is my favorite to date, but you can read all of the archived stuff here. So go do it.

Saw the Mendoza Line Monday night with the Good Doctor. The band was extra amusing on stage, and graced us with what for them was an extended set, including rockers of the first order "Dollars to Donuts," "Baby, I Know What You Are Thinking" and eight or ten others. Dined with Tim and Shannon beforehand and really enjoyed learning that Tim is just a big music fan, still wowed by knowing people like Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey and being able to talk on the phone with the Twin-Tone records dood. Listened with interest to tales of REM's songwriting process, and just how it is to be a fairly respected band but still have trouble paying your bills every month. Guitars were dropped, voices squeaked by, but all in all it was a fun show and the energy level fairly high. Just a nice bunch of folks, folks who play rock songs.

Oh yeah, my Volcano, I'm So Excited review ran in Junkmedia. Not my best work. But there you go.

That is all.

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