February 27, 2004

"Sure I care about you now, just not right now."- Moped

Very briefly:

Here is a hot Ride bootleg.

Where is the outrage? This story seems to skip over the fact that the U.S. ordered the illegal surveillance. As bad a job as President Bush has done, I think Tony Blair is even more culpable for consistently doing what Bush tells him to do. Wanker.

And finally, where is the coverage? Kumar and Teaching the Indie Kids... have each linked to this immensely disturbing story. This is the kind of thing that is just far too worrisome to actually worry about.

In other news, last night, spurred by a convo with The Good Doctor and Tim Mendoza, I sat and listened to the Evan Dando solo outing Baby I'm Bored. I was surprised to find that it wasn't more than half-bad. The end of the record peters off into foul territory, but the first half or two thirds have decent songs. For the most part they lack energy and Dando's voice is noticably ravaged by all the crack and whatnot. But there is a touch of cleverness and a few hooks to keep it at least a little interesting.

Last night I also listened to Consonant's Love and Affliction straight through for the first time, and the Doctor is right, it is superlative. Big guitars, good melodies. It's rock the way rock should be.

That is all.

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