February 15, 2004

"Protex Protex Blue, all I want to do."- The Clash

Cold weather means hittin' the blogmificator. Hit a couple open houses with Lopez in Porter Square today, but didn't see anything stunning. Nice neighborhood though. Dined and drank out with Team Noize Friday night in the same area, which was a hoot, and netted me copious amount of rock music to listen too. Even better, LB turned me on to a simple program for ripping tapes and records to your hard drive. As a result, I spent most of yesterday afternoon mining gems out of the boxes of cassettes here in the guest room. The real obscure crap, too. I am planning at least one CD of lo-fi lost in the 90s kind of crap. I turned up some really cool stuff yesterday.

More about my Aunt Judy here. A few obituary type things have gone around, but this is the only one that I can link to right now that I think is a permanent link.

Also, don't fail to see me with my shirt off at Dynatrite, where Grellan has finally posted his half-fictional round-up for Woody's wedding in Tortola. It should come as no surprise to you that Grellan has named Tito wedding MVP. He rises to the occasion. well, both of them do.

I have gotten even more hooked on the MP3 blogs I have been hitting lately. In the past week I have found bootlegs of a great Stone Roses show; the final Uncle Tupelo show; and a great Sub-Pop showcase in Burlington, VT from 1992 featuring Come, Velocity Girl, Codeine and others. There is just some much great music out there online that it is scary.

Oh, and you all need to see this.

And finally, and ITunes update: as of this writing, I've ripped 1,490 songs representing four days' worth of music and 6.48 gigs of data.

That is all.

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