February 25, 2004

"Everything rests upon me as pearls are strung on a thread."- Kam Fong

I think this is hysterical. But in hindsight, I think it is probably even more funny if you don't know anything about it. So without an editorial contextualization, check this out. Oh, yeah, it will take quite a while to load, even if you have the fast-ass Internet like we rock here in the 02139.

The Good Doctor hipped me to this about a year ago at the Middle East when we were talking about illegally recording conversations and stuff from cordless phone conversations and stuff, which of course, no one we know ever did. But anyway, a post on ILM reminded me this archive existed, and lo and behold there is some good stuff here. Mostly jam band stuff, but there are a couple of Fugazi shows there too. All nice and legal like.

Our relational database tool was offline for a while at work today, so I reacquainted myself withe current goings-on on Atom Goren of Atom and His Package fame. Found a link on his web site to this very amusing slate of advice.

I may finally get sucked into the re-release craze, at least in the sense that it pertains to records I already bought. There is speculation that the Merge rereleases of Dinosaur Jr.'s SST records will include bonus material. I must have it. I suppose I should get around to buying the first record some day, too.

You should all go to the Self Starter Foundation web site and sign up for the email newsletter, as Newmyer has been sending links to an MP3 blog of sorts with the more recent emails. I scored an awesome Clues-era Robert Palmer jam from the most recent one. Stengelero hipped me to this one. So worth it. While you are at Self Starter Foundation site, you should buy all available Haywood records. But I guess that goes without saying at this point.

So this week I have been listening to an awesome two-disc Yo La Tengo comp, the Iron and Wine EP that came out last summer or so, and tons of other random stuff off the IPod. The IPod update: 1861 songs, 8.15 gigs, 5 days worth of tunes.

That is all.

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