July 24, 2004

"Ain't gonna drink your record label's beer no more." - Andrew Beaujon

It is a cool Saturday afternoon. Got the windows open. Here's something of note: a forthcoming Rhino comp of the so-called '80s underground. My first instinct was to skip this cause I already have a lot of this stuff, but after going through this I see there is a lot more that I don't have.

Blogger doesn't seem to want to handle my links to Amazon right now -- it keeps splitting them in the wrong place after I submit perfectly sound code. So screw the links. I've been listening to the Unicorns record, the Fiery Furnaces joint, and the new Merge 15th anniversary comp. Kudos to me.

Observant reader Tito sent in this missive. Behold the power of beer. And stupidity.

Coverage in Brief: NO. NO. NO. Yes.

So the DNC is in town, and their headquarters, so far as I can tell, are in the same office building as my employer. Which I didn't really care about, until I realized that meant one-time friend of Webnoize Jano Cabrera probably is working in my building for the coming week. The guy is wicked cool. If I could track him down, I would press him for copious beer. The only thing I have to go on is I am looking for a less than average height Hispanic male who is probably ogling blondes of more than average chest girth (related coverage here). I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open. This morning I noted Cabrera's chicanery in coverage of newly revealed Bush service records. Or lack of service, depending on who is counting.

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