July 8, 2004

"Because you never should have lit that fuse, you ended up blown up." - Kam Fong


In my search for what I believe are the final two Fong songs not in my possession, I contacted TymMac. TymMac could not produce the two songs, but he produced something FAR MORE EXCITING. Namely, a digitized version of the fabled 1995 Kam Fong video for "Roger and Rerun." It is a Quicktime file and is only high enough resolution to watch at the size of a postage stamp. It will probably take quite a long time to download. Please right click and save as to capture this file to your harddrive. Then prepare yourself for a ridiculously awesome video, featuring the band as a duo at this point, as well as cameos by WPRS, Rob V, Hopson, Meltzer and, of course, yours truly. Let me know if this doesn't download correctly.


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