July 5, 2004

"Whether you know it or not, I am not the one you want."- Mendoza Line

Just saw Fahrenheit 9/11. Which I found pretty enjoyable. I think the Monkey's take on the film is pretty accurate, however. So here it is:

Well, "F-9/11" is great as a piece of agit-prop, but as a film per se, it's probably one of the worst I've ever seen. Moore couldn't make a "film" if his life depended on it, let alone a decent unbiased documentary. All telling, no showing = he is a bad, bad film maker. But it seems as though we are unfortunately at a cross-roads where this sort of obvious message oriented propaganda is required...

That said, I like the fact that there is a guy out there named Michael Moore who is making people think about politics and the world around them. Sure, I like it a little more because they are looking at things through a prism I for the most part approve of. But to the extent that Moore gets people engaged in the machinations of our government and society, I think he's the grooviest, man.

Look, I have a new review up. Despite its gimmicky first impression, Les Sans Cullotes' record Fixation Orale is actually an energetic set of tunes that I enjoy listening to. So kudos to them.

Many of you will be excited to learn that I spent a fair amount of time ripping various and sundry Kam Fong tracks from old cassettes I dug out and Logie unearthed. How could I have forgotten about great tracks like Instrumental No. 1/Locusts? A track so good I am not going to post it for a while. I am sure later this week I will put some of the stuff up though. Unfortunately, I think I am still two songs short for the archiving project I am doing. I've put out feelers to try to get my hands on a cassette the band pimped circa 1995 that had extended, early versions of "AFC" and "Harry Dean Stanton" on it (at the time the tunes, recorded at Big Sky, were just referred to as "One" and "Two.") If anyone out there has this cassette email me forthwith.

Lopez and I also caught two nights of fireworks. And hung out with most everyone we know at one point or another. It was a fun weekend.

H-Dawg from Accounts Receivable gave me a copy of the Cure's self-titled effort last night. I've listened to the first half of it so far and I am not taken in. I enjoy that they seem to have gone out of their way to make the record a bit challenging, with The Top-esque Middle Eastern sounds and a just sort of uncompromising opening track. But the record seems fairly bereft of melody. And the vocal production only has two speeds from what I heard so far, and only one of them (relatively dry and up front) is any good. I'll give them some more listens 'cause it is supposed to be a grower. Right now, though, it just doesn't seem like the songs are there, besides the single. Too bad.

Also got a Modern Lovers record from the H-Dawg, which I am excited to get into, what with the things I have been hearing about them from people including the Good Doctor.

In case you haven't been reading the comments on the posts, I think we have learned who is behind the phenomenon of Detroit's penchant for burning itself down. Check it out below.

That is all.

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