June 30, 2004

"All that's left is you and me and here we are, nowhere." - ride

WPRS Dispatch from Batesville, VA #1:

Last night I drank too much and marched in the woods.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

You never know what you might find in the woods...maybe a wrecked car...maybe harry dean stanton clamouring under the deafting darkness...or maybe, just maybe the postman suckin' back on a bottle of beam...slowly lettin' out the clutch paitently givin' it a little gas till it raises a howl. it was out of our hands, jay, it was scary and we all knew it...goddamn harbingers.
the postman still delivers out at cranbrook academy of art (detroit). i love the posts...it's nice to know i caused a big noise. life is a little quieter for me these days. i do appreciate the yow comparison...i miss that guy and many others as well. you just don't find chaos like that these days. while everything else in the world has gotten to dangerous the music has gotten too safe...the sonic blast, the explosions, the gutteral visceral wailings don't seem to exist with authenticity in music any longer...they just seem to exist everywhere else now.
and i dont wrestle with drum sets any more...not that im afraid to or anything.
The Postman www.familyofshame.org

jbreitling said...

Well holy cow. I should have figured you would be at the bottom of the whole Detroit-likes-to-burn-itself-down thing. Everybody, go look at the Postman's eerie black and whites...

Anonymous said...

word jay...word.