June 10, 2004

"I lie open on the porch sometimes losing my fizz."- Haywood

This just in: I was minding my own business at work today when I received a transmission from the illustrious drumming sensation Rob V indicating that Haywood was recording a new record, and has presumably reformed. More details as I get them. Needless to say I am very excited. Haywood is my favorite band, pretty much hands down. So yahoo.

Ray Charles dead. Ray Parker Jr. miraculously still living.

More hanky panky. Apparently John Walker Lindh was given the Abu Ghraib treatment way before it became fashionable. Stupid government, doing stuff while we were all looking at the Olsen Twins.

Spent a good portion of the morning listening to Iron & Wine, it was really hitting the spot. It has definitely gotten to the point that I prefer Our Endless Numbered Days to The Creek Drank The Cradle.

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