June 14, 2004

"You were funny to a fault, went to heavy on the salt." - Silkworm

[UPDATE: Many of you noted that the Small Hours downloads were not working. Right you were. Try them now.]

I just lost a fairly lengthy post. Which sucks. In the post I talked about some things that were funny and said go to such-and-such a blog to check out MP3s by such-and-such a band. Now I am too tired of typing to redo it. Oh well. I did point to two M4As I posted of unreleased Small Hours songs, and I said some nice things about how I liked these particular songs, the first having been written by Lanky Jim Wells and the second having been written by Logie. So anyway, enjoy the songs, lo-fi they may be. And I'll come back sometime soon and tell you things you should know.

The Small Hours: Infant Eyes.
The Small Hours: Something About Coffee.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Where are you right now, physically? Are you back in Philly yet?

Unknown said...

Uh... I'm at work. In Boston. Who wants to know?

Anonymous said...

It's Trosko. I just haven't checked in in a while, and I thought I semi-remembered something about you possibly potentially moving back to Philly at some point.

Or maybe that was just all the PCP talking.

Unknown said...

Hola compadre!

Naw, we haven't made the move. Just got us-selves a condominium, so we are here for the foreseeable future. I read your shit very often - I still insist that you are sitting on a mountain of unexploited (in the capitalistic sense) writing skill. I mean, Jesus, man. I know opinions are like assholes, but your stuff is whip-smart. We don't even see eye to eye on everything and I like it. Bah! Enough of this. Send me a proper email why dontcha. 10-4.