June 18, 2004

"Cafeteria Harrison Elementary."- Built to Spill

So yeah, anyway, to recap... just got back from seeing Napoleon Dynamite, which gets props from me. Real excellent movie. My sources told me they laughed until it hurt, which didn't happen to me, but I still say go see it. Yee haaaaa.

Back to the Haywood thing. Further intel from Rob V. indicates this is not actually a reformation. Here is what he said:

the haywood thing is purely a studio project - we may play live once or
twice but it's really about making a record of songs we really like... Ted let me know that he had some songs recorded and when I heard them I knew we had to do it... When [The Red and The Black] broke up, I had lots of free time. Danny will be the lead guitarist of record, however he has not been
practicing with us. ...(he's in a couple other bands) so we're just gonna bring him in for extra
touches. When the tracks are demoed we'll hand off the tapes to him...

So that is that. As soon as I get any of the tracks I will pass them along. Yo estoy very excited.

About seven years ago at this time I was in Poland with Dr. Watson. It looked like this.

Pitchfork's best and most controversial writer lays down his gun. The site is now 50% less good. Actually, since I first stumbled across this item, Pitchfork excised the really caustic stuff about the Beastie Boys' press people and ran a retraction, sparking much speculation on ILM. Speaking of the Pitchfork, they gave a pretty good review to the new The Trouble With Sweeney record. Check it out.

RUN, don't walk, over to Mystical Beast to get a little lesson on The Grifters and, more importantly, to download their absolute best song, Queen of the Table Waters. I saw these guys live back in the day when we were all much less famous and man, they totally smoked the small bar in Bethlehem, PA they were headlining at. They had just released Crappin' You Negative. They were stellar.

This is for you scientific-type nerds out there. Logie and CRM, I am looking at you.

This is a fun way to spend three or four minutes. These guys have made unsophisticated pictures based on the lyrics of Smiths songs.

The new Sonic Youth record is superlative. There are more than a few stellar songs on there, including "Dripping Dream," "Stones" and "I Love You Golden Blue." Various accomplices of mine have called the record "pop" or even "the most adult contemporary record Sonic Youth ever made." And so far everybody is right. This is as accessible and entertaining as Murray Street and Daydream Nation. You should really go buy it.

That is all.


Jay said...

Hey man,

Check out Pitchfork today (6/22). Now they've essentially retracted the entire review and made the retraction their opening page. Apparently Brent D. decided to go out with a bang.

jbreitling said...

Yeah, there is all sort of good snarking about it online over at ILM. I will post links to relevant threads when I get a chance. Funny stuff.