June 3, 2004

"Avenues all lined with trees, picture me and then you start watching."-Joy Division

Every once in a while I will tell you to stop what you are doing and go do something. Today is one of those days. You may have heard about Juana Molina. You may not have. But right now you need to go to her web site and download her sublime music. There are six MP3s there, and they are all super-duper.

This is widely disseminated, but still very cute. I think some of this, or at least something similar, was posted on Yo La Tengo's web site in the past.

My homey Zippy is in the rock band Carbon Leaf, recently signed to Vanguard Records. He also does the lion's share of the note-taking the band does while they tour hither and thither. I thought this was a pretty funny passage:

It’s like yesterday, when we were sitting at a red light and there was this really attractive woman in the car just ahead of us…Terry commented that she was attractive, and not 2 seconds later, she picked her nose. He retracted his statement, but I argued that she might just be attractive enough that her poor manners are less offensive and more forgivable, negated even. We pondered it, then the light turned green. Maybe looks ARE everything?? Buford picks his nose ALL the time, and I still think he’s a good looking guy. Gross, but good looking. I just don’t know.

If you aren't hip to the Refused, you need to high-tail it over to Teaching The Indie Kids to sample three cuts from what is rightly referred to as the OK Computer of hardcore, The Shape of Punk to Come. Truly an awesome record.

Notable for it’s mention of Luddites, I also enjoyed this because I think things are out of hand. Things go fast enough for me as it is, and could probably stand to be less fast in my opinion. On a slightly related note, these guys have the right idea as far as SUVs are concern, tho I think they are thinking small by focusing on just one.

This piece in the Guardian is pretty funny, if only because this woman totally rips on the dumbass letters people write to their Congressman. The author got fired from her job for posting some of her amorous exploits online, but that is not nearly as interesting as the other stuff is funny.

Speaking of keeping an eye on The Man, the Michael Moore hype machine successfully created buzz for his new movie, the trailer for which is now available online. This is the kind of thing I usually just quietly seethe about, but I think it is very important that everybody see this movie and consider what it is saying, no matter how biased the messenger might be.

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