May 27, 2004

"Why don't you get a piece and pass it down."- Les Savy Fav

Hey ya'll, much action in the blogosphere, it is hard to know where to begin. So we will begin here: The Monkey is in the MP3 blogging game now, and his first item is a smoking Elvin Jones track offered as a tribute to the one-time Coltrane drummer who died recently. Even if you don't favor the jazz music, hear this track, 'cause it oozes cool.

I'd also like to direct any Cure fans to this page, which has a super high quality concert from November 84 that basically runs through most of the Standing On A Beach singles comp before ending with the unreleased cut "Forever." Definitely worth hearing this stuff. Thanks to LHB for the tip.

Hey,Tony B is back. He is currently excited about the Sonic Youth and Streets records. I got the Streets thang off ITunes last night and listened to it once this morning. I didn't really feel that magic that so many others (particularly at ILM) are gushing about, but I was only half listening. Perhaps over the long weekend I will get a chance.

Speaking of weekends, last weekend was a blast in Maine and this weekend it is the beach. It is that time of year when we jetset. Bus of...

This fellow directed a video for the Notwist's "One With the Freaks." If you've got Quicktime, you can watch it. Don't be afraid.

This is incredibly sophomoric, but every once in a while this sort of thing really makes me laugh. Defamer and Gawker are my two new vices this week. To offset the mindrot they are inducing, I have also found a couple cool design blogs: MoCoLoco and Sensory Impact.

And finally, a new MP3. Actually, it is an M4A, which is to say it is encoded in AAC. Deal with it. Anyway, this is Hayood's "Crosswords." Recorded to four-track in the attic above an antique store, this song was one of four the band quaintly initially released on a four-song cassette called Great Cats Give Chase. The big-ass guitars on the chorus, and of course the woeful tale of love gone down the crapper, well, they get me every single time. This and the three other Great Cats cuts were released as part of Model for a Monument, so you should try to track that down. But anyway, this song reminds me a a golden era when the diverse bands that all came out of my high school (Haywood, Mantaray and Kam Fong) comprised a tiny scene. One evening the latter two bands played a rare and ridiculous date at the Wayne Tavern, and Mike Kennedy (now drummer for Lefty's Deceiver) quietly noodled out the opening lick to Crosswords before Mantaray started their set and traded knowing looks with those in the know. This song was in the current zeitgeist then, I guess you could say. But anyway, with the resurgence of guitar-heavy indie rock on the horizon, I offer this song as something for the kids to aspire to.

Watched the DVD that came with the Les Savy Fav comp last night. Really amusing stuff, and great live footage. I still don't totally get the art-punk sound, but I am at least starting to get this band.

That is all.

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