May 13, 2004

"This is something you should know, there's no escaping getting old."- The New Year

So as you can see I am working on a new format here for the old Clicky-Clicky. Please do as other kind souls have done and let me know if something isn't showing up correctly for you. The Blogger template isn't as intuitive as it thinks it is, so all my changes to the template are being done by trial and error. As you can see, there is still plenty of error. Enough on that.

So my latest hunt for an out-of-print 90s indie pop record has led us to the Vehicle Flips' "In Action." A cursory visit to and EBay has left me with no leads. I stumbled upon this very informative site, which told me something I didn't know, which is that the two Tim's from some iteration of the Karl Hendricks Trio played in the band at one time, I think when they recorded "In Action." So anyway, if anybody out there is rooting through the used bins, keep an eye out for this. Summer makes me want to listen to the nerd rock I guess.

So I was minding my own business changing my address online with the various publications I subscribe to when I noticed that Harper's now posts content on its Internet home page. Fine. But what they currently have online is the hysterical exchange between the Freaks and Geeks guy and the That 70s Show guy where they totally bitch eachother out. Enjoy.

ILM turned me on to some pretty great Lilys bootlegs. I have checked out most of these. Now you can too.

I've updated the page that has all my -- well most, anyway -- CD reviews. Check it out if you're bored.

OK, maybe some more later. Gotta make pasta. That is all.


Jay said...
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Jay said...

Yo OJ,

The site's looking good. Makes mine look like something from the WetNoze era. I might have to revampimify.

Nice Harper's link. I remember reading that when it came out. That Brazill guy is a tool. He goes on and on about artistic integrity, all while he's preparing the execrable "That '80s Show" for its hideous six-episode run. He gets the finger.