May 9, 2004

"I forgot a long time ago how you feel." - The Lilys

So I heard DVD-Audio over at the Good Doctor's pad the other week and it was really awesome (we listened to parts of this). I am pondering getting myself a set-up. I couldn't really understand it until I heard, not really having much experiene with surround sound. But anyway, the mental effect is sort of like looking at what you presume to be the color white on a paint sample, and then being shown a much brighter white sample and realizing that you hadn't been looking at white at all. Anyway, I am not sure how Lopez will like the speaker set up of a surround sound system, so I am just pondering still, looking for really good deals on Ebay.

Speaking of the InterWeb, we finally got our act together and watched some of our NetFlix stuff. Last night was the triple feature of The Kid Stays in the Picture (which name-drops my homepiece Gorni's father-in-law, since he gave Robert Evans his job back after assuming the reigns of Paramount), the Terry Gilliam flick Brazil (I love me some TG) and a portion of Matthew Barney's Cremaster series entitled The Order. The Order was really nice too look at, what with the combination of surreal sets and characters, the fact that many of the characters were topless women, and the fact that, for a reason unbeknownst to me, the half-hour segment features Agnostic Front and Murphy's law. Needless to say, it is all very strange. Apparently, Cremaster is virtually impossible to interpret without reading up on it, but the section we saw seemed to represent an artists journey through the canon of Western Art. But what the hell do I know.

I have submitted some samples to the honcho of the web site, which, as its name promises, includes album reviews of 75 words or less (words of two or fewer letters don't count, sucka!). The fellow behind runs the site, and many of the reviewers operate MP3 blogs I admire, so I thought it would be a way to be able to have some interaction with them. We'll see how it goes. I sort of enjoyed the 75-word challenge, and used it as a warm-up for reviewing my latest promos just in from I feel fortunate to be able to review the latest The New Year record, but I haven't given it more than a passing listen so far.

There is a good review of a Juana Molina show here -- I have downloaded one track by her and it is great; I need to get her record. Also from the NYT is a piece about using the lightbox to save wax cylinders and ancient LPs -- worth reading. Oh yeah, and the Guardian has an interview with Pedro Almodovar, whose films I have always liked. Well, for the last 10 or 12 years anyway.

That is all.

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