May 19, 2004

"A graphic lump rises in my throat, there's alligators swimming in that moat." - Eggs

More greatness at Dynatrite, which is currently running a tribute to my man Woods. I tell a lot of stories about Jeff, but Grellan has a whole hidden cache of treasures I wasn't aware of. The best part of this is the part where Woods cranks up The Who. Enjoy.

This goes pretty far afield from my usual banter, but I guess I always harbored a fascination with conspiracy theories. Here are 15 reasons somebody out there thinks that the business regarding the American beheaded recently in Iraq is fishy. Go nuts.

I remember being smart, and being able to conjure thoughts almost as good as K-Punk's take on where Morrissey is and has been. How did I get so dumb? In college I could really put some thoughts together. Since then, I am not sure where all that brainpower went. It's a mystery.

All sorts of Burma action. Music. BrigDawg's awesome interview with Burma's Clint Conley at Junkmedia.

As a younger man, as many of you know, I really idolized the indie acts of the day. One of the most impressive pop records made, in my opinion, is Eggs' Teenbeat Exploder. About 10 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Eggs mainman Andrew Beaujon at the Loud Music Festival in Northampton. A nice fellow. We talked about the recent overdose of Bob Stinson. Anyway, Beaujon, now a contributing editor for Spin, maintains a blog (Thanks for Mystical Beast to turning me on to it). Check it out. Also, a very interesting item in his old blog about hating the latest Liars record, and the danger of projecting intentions on an artist's work. Too bad Spin won't print great stuff like that. Not that I read Spin yet this decade. For all I know it is awesome now. Doubt it tho.

This is the funniest thread ever on ILM. Enjoy.

Last night I got the first Bad Brains record off ITunes. I probably hadn't heard it since, oh man, I don't know. My man Jones used to have that shizzing on tape. Anyway, the album totally kills. Just wall-to-wall awesome. I have to agree with Amazon reviewers' assertions that the record is one of the best hardcore albums ever.

And finally, a peek at what is happening with the Real World Philly.

That is all.

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