June 8, 2004

"As I watched it on TV somehow it really bothered me." -Ramones

It's hot, people. Temperature shot up about 32 degrees today, and I have deployed the central air, which seems to be holding up. Well, let's jump right in.

Had a great time in the greater Beverly/Salem, MA area over the weekend, and look forward to kicking it on Nantucket with Juan Gorni, his wife, and his brood come Saturday. Hot damn.

Coverage is blowing up today with tales of the Justice Dept. doctoring up their own personal definition of torture so as to play will-nilly with international law. This shit is being done in our names. Where is Bearded Mark Lewis with a lengthy, acidic diatribe to fully sum up my feelings on this? Perhaps he has secretly been silenced by the government. Scary times people.

Speaking of, I was a bit young to know, but I assume that all the punkers in the 1980s had very good reasons for criticizing Ronnie, particularly his polarization of the country into haves and have-nots. ILM has a roll-call of Anti-Ronnie sentiment that I think should not be lost as we idolize Ronnie.

Oh yeah, this blog is about music. Make sure you have Quicktime and then go check out the new video for The Trouble With Sweeney's "The City Let Me." Insert diatribe about how the best record Joey Sweeney ever made was never released. "The City Let Me" is a pretty good number -- for some reason the video has a lot of blank space at the end, but whatever.

The Bubblegum Machine has two great cuts up that have Lopez' name written all over them.

Stupid but funny.

Like my dog The Monkey, I am soon going to begin incorporating code in any links I make to Amazon.com that will give me a little kick-back should you buy anything. I am not sure how much the referral fee is and I don't really care all that much. But I figgered I would do it in order to defray the costs of my sizable music habit.

That is all.

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