November 17, 2007

Lost In The '90s: An Imeem Playlist

CocklavA friend and digital music veteran recently left one of the most successful digital music enterprises to take a position with social music play Imeem, so we thought we'd best give it more than the cursory once-over we'd made earlier this year. While we don't think the user interface has achieved perfection yet, it is hard to beat the functionality it provides, at least for music bloggers. The embeddable player is not terrible to look at, seems to buffer streams exceptionally well and has very nice sound quality for audio playback. So earlier today we uploaded a bunch of odds and sods from the '90s, many taken from Purderous Magina Records first cassette compilation La Affection / Affection. Many of the bands featured include the same players, which is one thread that ties things together. And then there are a couple random tracks. And since we went to the trouble of creating the playlist for the purposes of feeling out the Imeem service a little more, here it is.


Unknown said...

Buddy Sevaris!

Unknown said...

I know! I have tons of other great old stuff, but I ripped it from cassette to AAC, so I need to transcode it to get it into Imeem. For another "Lost In The '90s" post, I guess.

Anonymous said...

what the doodle! i just tuned it to clicky clicky for the first time in ages & here you sre posting p.m.r. tracks without my permission? just kidding!

in fact, purr mama resistor (ex-purderous magina records) has just re-released eight of our cassette releases, including L'affection Affection, on CD! so come one, come all, fetch the rock. :D


Anonymous said...

Friend of Buddy from way back! They played at my high school graduation party: