November 3, 2007

Today's Hotness: Ted Pauly, Neptune

>> "I love this song, I used to sing it falling asleep..." We were scrobbling last night after a crazy week of work when we noticed the little icon at that indicated a free Ted Pauly track was available. We followed the thread to find that Pauly, fronter of the tragically defunct indie rock act Haywood, has posted 13 tracks for free download as a set called Tadpoley. Many of the tunes are re-recorded (or at least more crisp- and clean-sounding) versions of the demos that formed the foundation for the second posthumous Haywood set released earlier this year; we noted As Long As There Is Track, I Will Not Go Back's new availability via Insound here last week. Perhaps more exciting is now hosts a somewhat sketchy video of Pauly performing "A Light At The End" live in a club somewheres (although we can't resize the video as we can with YouTube clips -- boo). There is sadly zero video documentation of Haywood left on the web these days. The erstwhile quartet once had shows available via Digital Club Network back when there was such a thing (someone tell us: who owns those videos now that DCN is dead? Seems like those shows would have greatly increased value now that video on the web has taken off), so this video is sort of a big deal for fans. Plus, it is funny when Pauly gets derailed by an audience member cheering. Anyway, of the Tadpoley tracks we particularly recommend the non-Haywood-ified tracks "Your Mix Tape Broke" and "No One Knows His Part," so here they are.

Ted Pauly -- "Your Mix Tape Broke" -- Tadpoley
Ted Pauly -- "No One Knows His Part" -- Tadpoley
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[grab all the Tadpoley tracks at here]

Ted Pauly: Interwebzez | MySpace | YouTube | Flickr

>> Boston noise juggernauts Neptune have released a limited edition, five-song EP entitled Paris Green. The title track is taken from the band's forthcoming full-length Gong Lake, which will be released in February on Radium/Table of the Elements. Only 100 handmade copies of Paris Green are available, so compulsive collectors should click here now to get in on the action. The home-made instrument-wielding band is on tour now and will be out on the road for the next couple of weeks. If you haven't seen Neptune live, we just feel bad for you [see here], so get thee to etc. The trio is in Philly tonight. Here are the dates:

11/03 -- Philadelphia, PA -- West Philly Warehouse
11/04 -- Washington, D.C. -- Velvet Lounge
11/05 -- Winston-Salem, NC -- The Wherehouse
11/06 -- Asheville, NC -- Harvest Records
11/07 -- Knoxville TN -- The Pilot Light
11/08 -- Chicago, IL -- AV-aerie
11/09 -- St. Louis -- Lemp Arts Center
11/10 -- Iowa City, IA -- The Picador
11/13 -- St. Paul, MN -- The Turf Club
11/14 -- Bloomington, IN -- Bear's Place
11/15 -- Cincinnati, OH -- Art Damage Lodge
11/16 -- Columbus, OH -- Skylab Gallery
11/17 -- Cleveland, OH -- Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art
11/18 -- Buffalo, NY -- Soundlab

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