December 11, 2007

Clicky Clicky's 2007 "Dude, Where's Your Record?" Award Goes To...

The Elevator Drops -- OK Commuter
...The Elevator Drops. The once-and-future Boston indie rock trio's long-awaited resurrection was to have occurred with the Feb. 14, 2007 release of the band's fourth full-length recording OK Commuter. The set was to have been issued by San Francisco-based digital label On/Off Records, and we've been anticipating its release since this post from November 2006. Needless to say, we're still anticipating, because this record is nowhere to be found. There were some signs of life earlier this year when On/Off quietly issued the digital single "Party Song" b/w "Catastrophe." And while it was exciting to finally see new Elevator Drops material released, those tracks do not equal the cataclysmic pop confections the band had already posted for free download at its MySpace yert earlier this year, "Jules" and "Shake It." Which of course made the fact that OK Commuter has yet to see the light of day all the more disappointing.

A July MySpace message from The Elevator Drops attributes the delay to "production issues with the label," and there has been no update since then. The band of prankster-pop geniuses -- aptly described by On/Off as "subversive, and inexplicably often-doomed" -- imploded in the late '90s while touring in support of the release of their sophomore set People Mover, if memory serves. The act is probably best known for the transcendant indie pop classic "Be A Lemonhead," the amazing video for which you can watch here. Elevator Drops singer David Goolkasian's other project The Texas Governor is on extended hiatus right now, and Elevator Drops guitarist Garvey J is poised to issue a solo record, so we wonder if at this point Mr. J's record is the priority and OK Commuter will have to wait while that album cycle plays out. We'll see. In the meantime, here is a taste of what we've all been missing.

The Elevator Drops -- "Jules" -- MySpace Download Alleged To Come From OK Commuter
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H-Dawg from Accounts Receivable said...

H-Dawg in A.R. sees the Elevator Drop album images on the Clicky Clicky front page . . . gets all excited . . . finds his hopes hitting the ceiling and going to the moon . .. then shattering back to earth, to the trenches of the office desk, as he realizes he's got more to wait. More to wait.

jbreitling said...

Streets is a mutha, H-Dawg, streets is a mutha...