April 16, 2008

Where You From? Cracow, Poland! Cracow, Poland!

The Popemobile
Time was the Pope was from Poland, Cracow to be exact. We've been to Cracow. It's a hopping town. Anyhow, now there is a new Pope. He's from Germany, and -- according to press accounts -- he is decidedly less of a "rock star" than his predecessor John Paul II. So apparently JP liked to rock out before he was called up to the bigs. Quirky Montreal-based indie quintet The Lovely Feathers must have been familiar with John Paul's propensity to rock out, because they memorialized him in song, a song, that, incidentally and as we've written before, contains the best shout-out to Cracow ever recorded. What with the morning and evening newscasts this week offering copious coverage of New Pope's visit to America, The Lovely Feathers tune has been constantly in our head since the weekend, so we post it with hopes that it will eventually fade from our consciousness for a while. "Pope John Paul" was issued on The Lovely Feathers debut Hind Hind Legs in 2006; we reviewed that record here. Curiously, we reported here 14 months ago that The Lovely Feathers had completed a sophomore set. So where did it go? There was a cryptic update to the band's MySpace blizznog in November, but still no record. For what it is worth we await its arrival eagerly.

The Lovely Feathers -- "Pope John Paul" -- Hind Hind Legs
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