April 7, 2008

YouTube Rodeo: Johnny Foreigner's "Eyes Wide Terrified"

Tireless indie rock superheroes Johnny Foreigner sprung the video for its brilliant, brilliant forthcoming single "Eyes Wide Terrified" on a largely unexpecting public this morning and the clip -- posted above -- is tops. Melding tasteful performance footage in a darkened studio (kinda reminds us of this, but, you know, we're old) and cohort Lewes Herriot's entertaining ghost cartoonimations, the band's first proper video even has a bit of a surprise ending (one, incidentally, that mirrors somewhat the perhaps even more brilliant clip for Los Campesinos!' maddeningly good pogofest "Death To Los Campesinos!"). And when the one blue ghost sings backup, you will laugh. The single for "Eyes Wide Terrified" will be released by Best Before Records May 19, we learned yesterday. We've discussed the single ad nauseum already, but if you've missed it scroll down to learn about the b-sides and such.

One final Johnny Foreigner note: the band is finally selling merch right here. Given the woeful state of American currency right now, we're not sure we can justify spending more than USD$30 on a t-shirt. But that doesn't mean we didn't already try to buy one. We sort of got hung up in the buying process, but we expect those of you reading this babble in England will have an easier go of things.

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