July 14, 2008

Bloc Party, Others Remix Planned Johnny Foreigner Single

Screen cap from forthcoming Johnny Foreigner video
[SCREEN CAP from YouTube] Another day, another Johnny Foreigner update. The Birmingham, England-based indie rock superheroes have disclosed that the b-sides to its forthcoming 10" single "Salt, Peppa and Spinderella" -- yes, the trio is now sort of an answer to Black Flag's age old question -- will be three remixes. Collaborators meeting the challenge of remixing the pulsing anthem include Bloc Party (a partnership that underscores that Johnny Foreigner's profile is definitively on the rise), Dolby Anol featuring Acrnym (otherwise known as some or all of the members of new label-mates Dananananaykroyd) and Nibiru, a recording engineer who has worked with electronic music luminaries Sasha & Digweed. We are surprised that Los Campesinos! don't get a shot at a remix, but perhaps the Cardiff septet will be tapped for something else down the line. The 10" is due in stores in the U.K. Sept. 8. In case you've yet to hear it, the track is posted at the band's MySpace yert.

The jumpy video for "Salt, Peppa and Spinderella," shot early last month, is already on YouTube now, although embedding is disabled was available at YouTube early Saturday but has since been removed. We watched it several times and sent the link out to the Twitter faithful. We also grabbed an embed code using some schmancy Firefox plug-in or another that we bet would enable us to post the clip here, but since so much trouble has been gone to to ensure that it doesn't get seen until next weekend we don't want to post it and bum anybody at the label out. We can tell you this: the video was shot with a regular still camera and, apparently, the resulting photos were painfully stitched together under the direction of a fellow named Tim Mattia, who has also directed clips for Blood Red Shoes, Biffy Clyro and other bands who we have heard of but whose music we can't say we recall hearing. Folks who poke around can find a screen cap from the video at YouTube, which we've posted above.

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