October 20, 2008

YouTube Rodeo: Johnny Foreigner, Gareth "In The Bullring"

>> Were we planning to be at CMJ for more than just Friday night, our schedule would still largely echo Johnny Foreigner's slate of CMJ commitments listed below. But then again, we're funny that way. Also, the aforementioned, Birmingham, England-based noise pop superlatives have yet to embark on a full U.S. tour -- although at least one is planned for 2009 -- meaning that if American fans want to see Johnny Foreigner performing live, one has to make a bit of an effort. You'd think with all the non-stop touring the band would have little time -- or desire -- to hit the practice space, but fortunately for us not only did they practice recently, but also someone rolled tape while the band tore through a rendition of their old single "Sometimes In The Bullring" with Los Campesinos! fronter Gareth manning the mic. The results are awesome, and are viewable above. Look for our review of Johnny Foreigner's Friday set at Fontana's here on the blog next Monday.

10/22 -- Dennis Scheyer/Crystal Media Networks -- New York, NY
10/23 -- KEXP Radio Session @ Gibson Showroom -- New York, NY
10/23 -- Levi’s FADER Fort -- New York, NY
10/23 -- NME Club -- New York, NY
10/24 -- Fontana's -- New York, NY
10/25 -- Kanine UnCMJ@Public Assembly -- Brooklyn, NY
10/28 -- WXPN Radio Session -- Philadelphia, PA
10/28 -- WKDU Radio Session -- Philadelphia, PA

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