October 9, 2008

Reader Rewards: Win The New Notwist Single, Boston Tickets

The Notwist
[UPDATED: Congratulations to reader Chris for winning] Weilheim, Germany-based electropop superheroes The Notwist return to Boston for the first time in five-and-a-half years this weekend to promote the quartet's beautiful and sublime recent release The Devil, You And Me. And Domino Records wants you and a friend to go to the show for free (the show is 18+, sorry young'ns). And so do we. So we're having a little contest. To sweeten the deal, Domino is throwing in the brand new single for The Notwist's addictive strummer "Boneless," which was released Tuesday and features a remix by Animal Collective principle Panda Bear on the flip. So here's the deal: the first person to email us (our email address is linked in the righthand sidebar) with the phrase "Gloomy Planets" in the subject line wins the tickets AND the single. For realsies. It's that simple. Finding us at the show and buying us a beer is completely optional.

We saw The Notwist's 2003 set at T.T. The Bear's and found it remarkable how true the live set was to the recordings on the band's highly influential Neon Golden. Several tracks on The Devil, You And Me feature performances by the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, a 21-piece modern Classical ensemble also based in Germany, and we have to wonder how The Notwist will recreate their contributions Sunday at the Roxy. Although the live performance of "Consequence" we saw in 2003 could provide a clue: the band recreated the sound of the track rapidly slowing down like a stopped LP by actually playing an LP through the PA and stopping it. The Notwist's current North American tour begins Friday in Canada; we've posted the complete itinerary at the bottom of this item. The band will be two decades old sometime next year, which is sort of amazing. In our estimation The Devil, You And Me exudes -- to the extent such an understated band exudes anything -- the sound of maturity, and we feel like the recent fatherhood for Markus Acher colors the record a great deal: even the relatively rocking "Good Lies" sounds a bit like a lullabye. Anticon. founder Odd Nosdam remixed "Sleep" from The Devil, You And Me and we're posting it below to get you in the mood for the show Sunday.

The Notwist -- "Sleep (Odd Nosdam Remix)"
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10/10 -- Lee's Palace -- Toronto, ON
10/11 -- Le National -- Montreal, PQ
10/12 -- Roxy Theater -- Boston, MA
10/13 -- Webster Hall -- New York, NY
10/14 -- First Unitarian Church -- Philadelphia, PA
10/15 -- 9:30 Club -- Washington, D.C.
10/16 -- Beachland Ballroom -- Cleveland, OH
10/17 -- Logan Square Auditorium -- Chicago, IL
10/18 -- Turner Hall --Milwaukee, WI
10/20 -- Bluebird -- Denver, CO
10/21 -- In The Venue -- Salt Lake City, UT
10/22 -- Neumo's -- Seattle, WA
10/24 -- Commodore Ballroom -- Vancouver, BC
10/25 -- Berbati's Pan -- Portland, OR
10/27 -- Bimbo's -- San Francisco, CA
10/29 -- Henry Fonda Theater -- Los Angeles, CA

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