January 8, 2009

Today's Hotness: Meneguar, Feelies, Ron Asheton R.I.P.

>> We openly admit that we were largely stymied by Meneguar's most recent release The In Hour, which cast the band's raw indie punk jams in a strange light via uncertain, folksy production (a hilarious comment at the band's MySpace drive-thru reads "I would like to offer to do your next recordings with my cellphone. I guess the sound will be a lot better then [sic] on your current record."). That said, the Brooklyn-based quartet is forever one of our favorites based on the strength of its two prior records, I Was Born At Night and Strangers In Our House. Watching the well-realized performance video embedded above of The In Hour's "We Own We Sell" provided us with some new insight. Watching the guys rock it out into the extended jam and overdubs at the end made us realize "We Own We Sell" is the sound of Meneguar being influenced by a lot of '70s krautrock and acid rock. That doesn't seem like such a bad thing. The video clip apparently was recorded at a studio in Portland, Oregon, but it is unclear as to when. We can only hope a new record is coming. We got a couple search hits to this blog recently for "Meneguar break up" which made us frown. Strangers In Our House was our pick for top album of 2007; here is it's excellent lead track "Table 2."

Meneguar -- "Table 2" -- Strangers In Our House
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[buy Meneguar records from Troubleman Unlimited and Woodsist/FIT]

>> Holy cow! The Feelies are playing Johnny Brenda's in Philly March 13. This bodes well for future activity from the legendary act, as well as for the social lives of Philadelphians who like to see legendary indie acts play relatively small nightclubs (actually, we've never been there, but it looks smallish in all the videos we've watched). Get your tickets here. We saw The Feelies play Boston's Roxy in October and it was awesome; here's our review.

>> The best memorial you are going to read about deceased Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton is likely this one from a guy whose name we don't even know but whose blog we've read for a year or two because he roadies/guitar techs/(sometimes literally) holds shit down for luminaries including J Mascis, Broken Social Scene and Girl Talk. Said guy, whose name might be David, describes meeting Mr. Asheton while just beginning as Mascis' guitar tech, despite having no skills in that area. Lots of cool little anecdotes packed into a sincere, heartfelt blog post. Asheton's body was discovered in his Ann Arbor, MI home Tuesday morning; he was 60. Billboard has the complete story about Asheton's passing here

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