January 20, 2009

Today's Hotness: Johnny Foreigner, The Answering Machine

Johnny Foreigner
>> And so here's your big Johnny Foreigner second album recording news. The band has wedged about three weeks of free-ish time between two tours in March, during which the Birmingham, England-based trio will begin recording its sophomore full-length with former Fudge Tunnel dude and British ex-pat Alex Newport, presumably in Brooklyn. Mr. Newport is known for producing or mixing music by Death Cab For Cutie, Rival Schools, Knapsack (hey, remember Knapsack?), At The Drive-In, Piebald, The Melvins and Coco B's (his whole C.V. is right here). Newport opened the Brooklyn-based studio Future Shock in 2007 after apparently being based on the West Coast of the U.S. Prior to the recording sessions, Johnny Foreigner embark on a 10-day strand of European tour dates with the hotly tipped Sky Larkin. After the recording stint the trio does another 10 days on the road in the U.K. with A Hundred Reasons. As we ran out the Twitter feed last week, certain web sites keeping track of such things have recently posted that Johnny Foreigner are confirmed to appear at the annual U.S. music confab SXSW, which is right in the middle of the band's stint in the States. So it would seem March will be a big month for the band. In the meantime, why not relive the greatness that is Knapsack's 1998 set This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now courtesy of Lala.com.

>> Manchester, England-based indie rockers The Answering Machine will issue a single "Cliffer" March 9; the quartet embarks on a brief U.K. tour the same day. The Answering Machine are plotting a music video to promote the track, for which there has been no official b-side disclosed. Devoted readers will recall we offered here in early December a brief overview of certain newly mastered and very impressive Answering Machine tracks that were posted to the band's MySpace wigwam. The Answering Machine will release in May its debut full-length Another City, Another Sorry on Heist Or Hit in the U.K.

>> Simon Says No!'s Ahoi De Angst EP finally has a release date, which is Feb. 2. The collecton will come out on Spoon Train Audio in Norway; Ahoi De Angst will also be available globally through various digital music storefronts including that Apple one what just announced it is going DRM free. Simon Says No! are confirmed for SXSW; you may recall that we surveyed the promising young Norwegian nu-gaze combo here in November.

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