April 6, 2009

There Used To Be A Post Here About The Rumble Strips, And Their Sparkling New Track "London," Which Was Sent By A Publicist, And Now There Is Not

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Justin Snow said...

Screw that, man. I hate that so much. The DAY Bromst and Fever Ray were physically released, both of my posts were taken down. And I had a great review of Mountains' Choral that had an MP3 cleared by Thrill Jockey taken down, too. That post probably got me more hits than any other single post I've written. I haven't yet figured out a way around it. I figure if Gorilla Vs Bear can do it, I should be able to, too. I don't want to get my own site or switch to Wordpress. I've just started archiving all of the text from my posts on my hard drive. Wish there was another way. Sorry. Just commiserating and venting. /rant

Jay Breitling said...

I totally hear you man. I'm so jammed for time I can't even be bothered to get that mad. This is why I don't post major label-affiliated stuff, altho I took a flyer here because it was a completely legit file sent by a legit publicist. Oh well.

Eddie said...


I just posted this myself. Thankfully I self-host, but it could still make things awkward.

Jay Breitling said...

I bet they leave you alone -- I get the feeling it was an issue to do with regionality. I think they picked on me me because I'm in the States. Just a guess.

Eddie said...

Perhaps. It seems rather silly given how international the net is though. Particularly when you've still essentially been given permission to post.

If anything I'll be left alone because I self host and it's probably more hassle than it's worth.

Ridiculous either way though.

saam keephopeinside said...

Even if there is a semblance of legitimacy to the takedown claim (which I'm not sure there is in this case), I don't understand why the bumbling fools don't just disable the links instead of deleting posts. At least it turned up in my RSS feed.

MonkAre said...

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rock said...

I wonder why the music industry is collapsing? The funny thing is that the post still appears in my Google news reader! And I could still DL the mp3!

alt-gramma said...

I forwarded the link to this post to the e-mail address that sent me this same MP3 ("Feel free to post!" Yeah, right) and told them I would not be posting this track.

Sorry this happened to you. I moved to self-hosting with WordPress, after about six of my posts on Blogger were deleted last year. I still don't need to invite trouble.


a Tart said...

Come over to the elbo.ws forum and vent with the rest of us, luv. It's a freakin crime what they think constitutes legal/illegal. And check out a comrade here: http://thevinylvillain.blogspot.com/2009/04/paul-haig-day.html


Jay Breitling said...

Thanks. I gave up cruising the Elbo.ws forum a couple years ago -- too much of a time suck. But I am sure there are opinions flying.

Ed said...

Deepest sympathies. There seems to be a lot of the right hand does one thing, the left hand does another. I too have posted tracks sent by publicists only to discover some idiot, not even based in th UK, has deleted it. Tart is right, btw. And move to wordpress, I have had far less hassle since i moved from Blogger.


Ed, 17 Seconds blog, Scotland

Jay Breitling said...

Thanks Ed. Sadly, as an elder statesman of music blogging, I don't have the time to effect a switchover, and since I've got six years' worth of posts here, here is where I stay.