April 11, 2009

YouTube Rodeo: The Answering Machine's "Obviously Cold"

A wonderful new video for Manchester, England-based indie pop upstarts The Answering Machine's forthcoming single "Obviously Cold." The video is a terrifically geeky send-up of the sporting life, focusing on the curious (to we Americans, anyhow) ice sport known as curling. Heist Or Hit Records releases The Answering Machine's debut full-length Another City, Another Sorry May 25 in the UK. We reviewed it here, and it is going to be huge. There is as yet no release date for the "Obviously Cold" single, the second pulled from Another City, Another Sorry, nor do we know what the b-side or -sides will be. The undeniable first single, "Cliffer," was released March 9. Hope the band is selling those blue t-shirts it wears on the ice in the clip -- those are ace.

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