April 1, 2009

You Were Warned: Dananananaykroyd's Hey Everyone! Next Week

We've tried to prepare you for the forthcoming full-length debut from Glaswegian fight-pop goliaths Dananananaykroyd. Hey Everyone! will be released in the U.K. April 6, and we've been hyping it for a while. We wrote here about the transcendent preceding single "Black Wax," issued March 23. We wrote here about the recording of the full-length. We relayed here the fact that the Scottish septet is widely considered to be the best live act in the U.K. right now. And yet we're not sure any of that will prepare you for the proverbial kick to the head we expect this album to deliver. Take for example the track below, "Chrome Rainbows." According to a track listing at Amazon.co.uk, the tune is not included on Hey Everyone! It was, however, released as the flipside to the "Pink Sabbath" single issued last October, and it is a monster, and we're grateful to the helpful publicist who sent it along. So have a listen, save your nickels, and get yourself prepared for Dananananaykroyd being all anybody will be talking about this summer.

Dananananaykroyd -- "Chrome Rainbow" -- "Pink Sabbath" b/w "Chrome Rainbow"
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Anonymous said...

The Answering Machine AND Dananananaykroyd. Going to be an interesting couple of months.

Thanks for the info.!