March 4, 2010

The Hush Now | Great Scott, Boston | 6 March

Constellations CD Release1_crop
The Hush Now, Boston's shape-shifting and somewhat reclusive indie pop juggernaut, is finally getting around to having a record release party for its solid sophomore effort Constellations. Longtime readers will recall that the band is somewhere in the midst of fronter and primary songwriter Noel Kelly's five-year plan, and that Mr. Kelly isn't afraid to work multiple records at the same time. So, really, it should be no surprise that The Hush Now is having a record release party almost five months after the local release of Constellations. Given the unique way Kelly conducts business, we wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's got one or more new records in the can already. But that is just speculation.

What is fact is that this show is Saturday night, and that The Hush Now has authorized us to give away three CD/shot glass combo packs to help promote the show. So here's the deal: the first three fans to send us an email (to the address linked in the sidebar) with the subject line "Don't Think About Tomorrow" will win one of these combo packs, which you can either pick up at the show this weekend, or The Hush Now's winged monkeys will mail it to you. How's that for awesome? The band has been giving away Constellations for free from its web site right here, so if you are not yet a believer, hit that link. To whet your appetite we're posting the excellent title track below. We reviewed Constellations here last August.

The Hush Now -- "Constellations" -- Constellations
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