November 2, 2010

Reader Rewards: Got The Dead Crow Blues... Again

Superman Revenge Squad -- Dead Crow Blues
[UPDATED: Congrats to reader Kevin, he's getting the Blues. -- Ed.] Rising London indie label Records Records Records released Superman Revenge Squad's latest EP Dead Crow Blues a couple weeks back, and we were thrilled when our copy of the wonderfully dour duo's short set arrived early last week. And then we were thrilled again when a second copy showed up. The label's belt-and-suspenders approach to ensuring our order got to clicky clicky HQ resulted in the duplication, and after conferring with the label we have decided to offer up the spare copy of Dead Crow Blues for free giveaway to anyone in North America (if you are in the UK, you know, just buy the record from Records Records Records right here). So here's the deal: the first North American to email us via the address linked in the sidebar with an email titled "I Got The Dead Crow Blues" will win the disc -- we'll update this site as soon as we have identified a winner.

We posted the video for the title track here last month. The more we listen to it the more we feel like it is Superman Revenge Squad's answer to Geto Boys' "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster." Something about the understated, spoken lyrics and the key, we suppose. We found the track posted on Soundcloud, so check out the embed below, but also make sure to listen to Wombat Army's remixes of the tune at this Soundcloud page.

Superman Revenge Squad's "Dead Crow Blues"

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