September 19, 2010

YouTube Rodeo: Superman Revenge Squad's "Dead Crow Blues"

Not that it was ever away -- in fact it seems fronter Ben Parker is busier than ever -- but Superman Revenge Squad is back. Here we have the video for the utterly brilliant lead track to the duo's forthcoming seven-song EP Dead Crow Blues. The song -- inspired by both actual experience and Stephen King's novel "The Stand" -- cleverly pairs Martin Webb's multi-tracked cello and minimal canned percussion, which provides a bed for a characteristically dour but rhythmically interesting Parker vocal, which vocal strikes us as somewhere between Pink Floyd's "Nobody's Home" and U2's "Numb." Seriously. You can almost hear Parker smirk, ever so slightly, which adds interesting emotional dimension to the wonderfully understated song that closes out the EP. The short set was under consideration for release by SmallTown America, but it was disclosed last week that instead Dead Crow Blues will be issued by London-based Records Records Records Oct. 18. The complete Dead Crow Blues track listing:

1. Fairweather Friends
2. The Summer We Finally Cut Our Hair
3. An Old Man Flicking Through A Pornographic Magazine
4. Yeah, This House Is Haunted
5. Playing Good Games
6. An Endless Bottle Of Blood Red Wine... Whistling Into The Abyss
7. Dead Crow Blues

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