September 8, 2010

Be Prepared: White Laces | Self-Titled EP | Late October

White Laces -- White Laces EP
Richmond-based noise luminaries White Laces will release in late October a stirring, self-titled 12" EP. The short set is being released by Whole Ghost/Shdwply and it can be pre-ordered right here. Those who pre-order the 12" will receive digital versions of the EP's five tracks as well as other unspecified bonus stuffs. White Laces will tour to support the release of the EP, but then get right back to releasing new music. A single is expected on the recently commissioned Richmond indie label The Acme Thunderer, and an unspecified number of music videos to accompany tracks on White Laces are also in the works. This is technically your second warning regarding White Laces; the first came late last month in the context of this announcement of the forthcoming Lubec EP. White Laces has posted a goodly amount of material to Soundcloud, and we've embedded below the cascading anthem "Sick Of Summer" below. We previously wrote about White Laces' HSAL #9 EP here in April.

Sick of Summer by White Laces

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