September 12, 2010

Be Prepared: "American Hardcore" Expanded Second Edition | 1st Nov.

American Hardcore -- Expanded Second Edition
We've written about the 2006 documentary film "American Hardore," and former D.C. hardcore show promoter Steven Blush's excellent book that was the foundation for the film, many, many times. We feel that the book is an incredibly important documentation of the American musical underground of the 1980s, and we learned volumes when we read the first edition (which frankly, is SO MUCH BETTER than the movie). And so we were thrilled to see that a second, expanded edition of Mr. Blush's book will be released by Feral House Nov. 1. This second edition includes interviews with 25 new subjects, more than 100 pieces of additional art, new band bios and augmented discographical information. All told the second edition is about 80 pages longer, meaning even if you have and love (as we do) the first edition, the second edition is no less crucial. Perhaps most exciting of all, Blush will do a few readings to promote the second edition in New England in early October; complete dates are listed below. You can read an excerpt from the book right here, which excerpt describes the Western Massachusetts hardcore scene and Dinosaur Jr. precursor act Deep Wound. The second edition is on sale now for $23 and you can order the thing from Feral House right here.

10.07 -- Portsmouth, NH -- Portsmouth Public Library (7PM)
10.08 -- Worcester, MA -- Worcester Public Library (3PM)
10.09 -- Portland, ME -- Portland Public Library

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