September 2, 2010

And Then Some Days We Get Awesome Mail 7

Karl Hendricks Trio -- A Gesture Of Kindness
No, this is not a reissue. This is original stock, apparently just sitting around in Karl Hendricks' basement, being AWESOME, for the last 15 years. We ordered this last week late last Tuesday and it was in our mail Thursday. That's service. This record is thronged with hits, but we'd never heard it on vinyl before. Having "The Dress You Bought In Cleveland" close out side one and fade into the run-out groove? Sublime. So many awesome songs on this one: "Scoffer's Reply," "Foolish Words of a Woman In Love," the cataclysmic "Your Damned Impertinence." Comedy Minus One will sell you this on vinyl for $13 post paid. You want that. No, no: AMERICA wants that.

Karl Hendricks Trio -- "Foolish Words Of A Woman In Love" -- A Gesture Of Kindness
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