July 25, 2011

Be Prepared: Soccermom | You Are Not Going To Heaven EP | 3 October

Soccermom -- You Are Not Going To Heaven
Absolutely crushing 10" extended play release from pack-leading, Boston-based noise rock juggernaut Soccermom. The quartet's 2010 single "Bill Cosby In Glamorous Chains" b/w "High On Dad" was an impressive debut, and early shows were remarkable, but Soccermom has further refined its attack. As evidenced by this six-song collection, the 'Mom continues to set its bearings via sonic references to early Lilys, Swervedriver and Polvo, but its live performances have become increasingly desperate, dynamic, precise and heavy. The band closed a set with the new song "Southern Bells" last week at Precinct and the room shuddered in the moment following the song's final staccato blast. Soccermom co-fronter Dan Parlin in particular performed as if everything was on the line, and You Are Not Going To Heaven, which will be available on letter-pressed LP and digitally, captures ably the beauty and weight of the quartet's current onslaught. Soccermom plays a release show for You Are Not Going To Heaven at TT The Bear's Place Sept. 23; LPs may be available for sale by then, but the confidence level is higher that vinyl will be ready contemporaneously with the already-firm digital release date of Oct. 3. We won't bullshit you: in 10 years someone will be flipping through your records, will see the Soccermom EP, and say, "wow, how did you get this?" And you will say, "some blog told me to get it. It's fucking awesome, right? I was really bummed when they went all Jan Hammer for their third record..." We don't have a pre-order link for the EP yet, but you should watch this space for one. As Built PR's summer 2011 comp includes "(A) Natural History," which as far as we know is the second track on the forthcoming Soccermom EP. Have a listen to the Bill Scales-sung number via the embed below (the line "I think I should take you home and keep you under glass" gets us every single time).

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