July 1, 2011

Catching Up With Depeche Clicky: Hush Now Piece In The Boston Phoenix

Hush Now piece in the Best of Music Issue of the Boston Phoenix, June 16, 2011
So in the middle of the month last month we had a piece run in The Boston Phoenix, our first printed clip since, oh, 1996. Above is a few scans inartfully tiled together. For whatever reason some of the text was lost when we converted the PDF to JPG; frankly, that sort of voodoo is beyond us. The words were in the PDF, but they wouldn't copy and paste. No matter. If you want to read all the goldanged words, they are all in the online version of the piece right here. What piece, you say? Well, Phoenix music editor Michael Marotta asked us to write up a piece about a somewhat unsung Boston band for the Boston Phoenix's Best Music Poll issue which streeted June 16. We picked The Hush Now, unsurprisingly. Anyway read above or read at the Phoenix, we don't care. Just thought it was neat-o to have something printed to paper again after all these years.

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