August 23, 2011

Footage: White Laces' Insidious "Hands In Mexico"

Rising, Richmond-based noise rockers White Laces carved out some time from a very busy summer of touring and recording to shoot the video above for its recent digital single, and the video is a stunner. No surprise, considering the dudes who shot it were largely the same dudes who put together erstwhile scenemates (now stationed in Portland) Lubec's terrific "Cherry Adair" clip we raved about here in January. Anyway, early last month we dubbed "Hands In Mexico" "...the catchiest song White Laces has recorded to date; the song is particularly gripping when the repeated ascending guitar arpeggio gets munched up by a crazy bending finale." The video capitalizes on the song's eery undercurrent, twisting a sun-splashed afternoon into a grim finale worthy of Classical mythology. "Hands In Mexico" is available for free download at Bandcamp right here. The tune will also feature on the Richmond quartet's forthcoming split 10" with Snowy Owls to be released later this fall on Harding Street Assembly Labs. And fronter Landis Wine says White Laces will begin working on the band's first full-length record next month. So dudes are busy making the rock, as they did at Muthership in Boston in July. Stay tuned for fresh jams.

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