August 28, 2011

YouTube Rodeo: Little Gold's "Mike Swan"

Little Gold knows how you feel. You smoked a little grass, got in a bike accident, some dudes dressed as birds with a van kidnapped you, forced you to party way too much and watch "Howard The Duck" and go to a carnival and eat fried human. Like, they get it, right? Reading your mind, right? But the Brooklyn-based trio fronted by erstwhile Meneguar guitarist Christian DeRoeck has gone a step further: they made a ridiculous video for their awesome song, which is from their terrific sophomore set Weird Freedom, which was released on Little Gold's own Loud Baby Sounds label last week. The 10-song collection is available in a limited edition of 500 sky blue LPs, or as a CD or digital download. Stream the whole thing via the Bandcamp embed below It's the right thing to do. Weird Freedom will be released in Europe at some point (maybe now! or.... now!) by the Berlin-based label Adagio 830.

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