February 24, 2012

Be Prepared: The Spinto Band | Shy Pursuit | 1 May

The Spinto Band -- Shy Pursuit
There's a great moment in David Byrne's 1986 film "True Stories" in which a group of elementary school-age children suddenly march in, engulf the viewer in their own weird little sing-along, and then tumble away. The scene is memorable because there is no real antecedent for the genesis of the chant; it's in the spirit of the moment, and everyone rallies behind it. Which is an appropriate frame of reference for The Spinto Band, whose new full-length Shy Pursuit is out May 1 via the band's own Spintonic imprint. The Spinto Band is currently previewing the collection with two tracks.

Like the aforementioned "True Stories" characters, The Spinto Band completely devote themselves to the bigger picture of the song. Instead of showboating and individualism, the members populate its sound with clever arrangements and the subtle hook. "Take It" presents as a sparse groove but blossoms into a characteristically sneaky chorus. Said chorus is revelatory when it comes up from behind you, grabs you by the arms and starts swinging you around and around and around, briefly the first time, but seemingly into a spiraling forever -- past a tidy guitar solo and brief bridge -- the second time. It's magnificent. The tune at times recalls previous Spinto Band highlights such as "Crack The Whip" in the smart funk bass that lends a shade of dance floor revelry to their bright guitar-pop. Another new track, "The Living Things," is a pleasing, acoustic romp pairing almost flamenco atmospherics with a waltz time signature. Download the track from the band's web site right here, and be ready for the album to march in and delight in its efficient menagerie.

The Wilmington, Delaware-based septet first came to our attention with its terrific 2005 debut long-player Nice And Nicely Done. It quite neatly painted The Spinto Band as a rolling gang of pop devotees with the smarts to keep things simple, yet unexpected and engaging with singular chord placements, three guitars and memorable melodies. The considerable success of singles like the undeniable "Oh Mandy" (really, it should have been even more huge than it was) and a second album ensured the band was in it for the long haul. Shy Pursuit is the group's third full-length and, based on what we've heard, it would seem to refine their formula further with still slicker production and crystalline melodies. -- Edward Charlton

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