February 6, 2012

YouTube Rodeo: Good Dangers' Live Take on "Abigail"

Sure, in at least our part of Los Estados Unidos it feels like winter never came. But all the same it is nice to have a reminder that spring is inevitable, and with it good times in the sun. And today we're getting that vibe from the live clip embedded above of London-based Good Dangers' new song, "Abigail." The song is the lead track from the quintet's cryptically titled forthcoming single "DFYF," which will be available March 19 via Good Dangers' own Brasilia Records (the label takes its name from another early Good Dangers tune, the Vimeo video for which has now gone private). No word on a traditional b-side, but Gav Dangers tells Clicky Clicky that the release will be complemented with some remixes.

The band would seem to be the most patient ever. Years beyond its prior incarnation as Assembly Now (subject of Show Us Yours #6 in March 2007), indeed, years beyond announcing that it had transmogrified into Good Dangers, we finally have a glimpse at what the band's first UK single will be. Although this isn't the first noise we've heard from the band; late last spring the track "So Unkind" was released by Cosine as the label's inaugural release (which we wrote about here), and we were jazzed to such an extent that we featured the tune in our playlist for New Music Night 1. You remember that tune, right? It goes like this:

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